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Julie S

"Sutton's Revenge" is my favorite! Sweet woodsy lightly masculine ...reminds you of a campfire date at the lodge and makes you long to stay in a place where you can always have it nearby. Expected a strong woodsy smell with the name, but when it started burning it was soft but subtle smell. Couldn't have asked for a better candle. Will be purchasing more soon. 

-Julie S

LaPorte, TX

Heather P

I recently ordered Heathers Heaven and feel in love with the fragrance immediately! It is a blend of soft rose and vanilla. It gives off a warm yet romantic scent that's very inviting! The difference between Harris  company and other competitors is the quality! Their candle don't put off that black smoke or burnt after effect. Quality ingredients truly  make a huge difference. They have earned my business in future. Thanks Harris candle for bringing quality and affordability! 

-Heather P

Morgan's Point TX

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A Percentage of our Yearly Sales Gets Donated to Lollipop Farms in Victor NY!

 Lollipop Farms is a Local Animal Shelter/Rescue! We sure Love Animals!

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Western NY Company

We are a Western NY Family Owned and Operated Candle and Soap Company! We sell all types of Candles and Soaps! We even make Custom orders for Bridal/Baby Showers or ANY kind of event or keepsakes!

We use a Paraffin Blended Wax and Also Have 100% All Natural Soy Wax!

We Have Some All Natural Soy Candles in Stock! On REQUEST we make 100% All Natural Soy Candles with 100% Pure Essential Oils for ALL Your Wants and Needs!

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We Take Pride in All of our Candles and Soaps and Therefore We Make Them ALL By Hand! Special Ordering Available For Bridal/Baby Showers Or ANY Special Occasion That You Want A SPECIAL Keepsake!

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